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Update: As a beta tester, you are NOT required to do anything. You just might have to put up with a few bugs in the code and I just ask that if you notice any, you contact me.

Don here,

Thank you for being so patient with me while I created the forum for this site!

It has taken longer than expected but everything should be working now. Since this is a new forum, there may be some bugs and little things that need to be fixed.

As such, there will be a beta testing period before it’s open to the whole world.

What is Beta Testing?

Beta testing is when a feature, this forum, is almost finished but still might need some polishing or some things added/removed from it. The beta testing period allows you to use the product and provide feedback on it so that I can make any necessary changes to it.

Beta testing for this forum will be Private and that means that only those who register for it will be able to access the forum during this testing period.

The testing period for the forum should last a few weeks or so and, once everything is ready to go, the forum will be launched to the general public.

Why Should I be a Beta Tester?

  1. Early access to the Excel forum, where you can ask and answer questions about Excel.
  2. Your feedback will be preferred and used to determine what changes will be made to the forum and what features will be added or removed.
  3. Be part of a growing community here at and help make it better for you and everyone else.

I’m going to continue to add features to this site and this forum and I need your help to make it the best possible site for you.

Participating in beta testing is one of the best ways you can help me help you!

How do I Beta Test?

To beta test, just do what you would normally do in a forum, and then give me feedback.

  • Ask questions about Excel. Answer questions about Excel.
  • Stay on topic and be helpful!!!
  • Use whatever features of the forum you want to use.
  • Report back to me on any issues that you encounter or on any features that you want or don’t like. You can report in the Members Discussion forum or here on this blog.

Basically, just use the forum. But, most important, report back to me on any issues that you find or any thoughts that you have about the forum, good, bad, or ugly.

When Will Beta Testing Start?

Beta testing will start in two weeks.

Sign up for the beta testing now to guarantee that you have a spot available for you when the testing period begins.

How can I be a Beta Tester?

  1. Sign up for an account on (If you receive the weekly email newsletter, that doesn’t mean that you have a registered account here.)
  2. Submit your email address in the form here: Beta Tester Signup (use the same email address as the one used to create your account in Step 1)


I look forward to seeing you in the forum soon!

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.


21 Responses

  1. GerryZ says:

    Hello, on which platform, will you put your forum?? Ips, vbullettin or others??

    • don says:

      It is custom built. As such, whatever features are needed can be added to it. The forum is integrated into the rest of the site, so, once you register for an account on, you will have access to the forum so long as you created a username for your account.

  2. Alvin Folks says:

    How to show the leading zero in three digit number and four digit number example 012 and 0012.
    When I type the number in the cell it show only 12 for both 3 digit and 4 digit for both number.
    I need help
    Thank you

    • don says:

      This is the blog. The Excel forum will be up for testing in two weeks. Register to be a beta tester and you can use it then. (but, just put a single quotation mark before the number and it will work)

    • Yahyah Clarke (Astute Navigator) says:

      Hi Alvin
      Format your cell, select text, that should solve your problem

    • Paul Millard says:

      Use ‘ before the number to be able to display the leading zero’s. Or if numbers already there use =TEXT (A1,”0000″) if A1 has 12 and you want it to display 0012

  3. N.M.M.Shifan says:


  4. John_R says:

    Don. Are you expecting any time commitment from Beta-testers or would we just pitch in when we get chance?

    I know this isn’t the forum but Alvin may want to have numbers like 12 in a cell and do calculations on that elsewhere in his sheet (whereas you solution makes it text). If so, it might be better to right click to Format the cell, then pick Custom. In the Type box, enter 000# (three zeroes before the #), press Ok.

    • don says:

      I’m not expecting a time commitment. I want beta testers to use the forum normally and if they notice anything that doesn’t work like it should or like they think it should, just make a note of it here in the blog or in the Members discussion forum. If you are a beta tester and you don’t have anything to report back, no worries, that just means I did a good job ;).

      I am putting it in beta testing before a wide release just so that I can make sure everything is working, as there might currently be some issues that I didn’t notice.

  5. Sunil says:

    HI just add me

    • don says:

      I am not able to just “add” you; you need to follow the sign-up process in order to get early access.

  6. alfred pacis says:

    Please include me in your workshop. Thanks.

    • don says:

      I am not able to just “add” you; you need to follow the sign-up process in order to get early access.

  7. Yahyah Clarke (Astute Navigator) says:

    Hi Don
    I’m a regular user of Excel sites, wishing you all the best in launching your site. Self-taught Excel user through forums like this one… Congrats and you grow from strength to strength, I know this site is going to be awesome and very informative

  8. Yahyah Clarke (Astute Navigator) says:

    Hi Don
    The registration and beta testing process worked smoothly for me. Simple and straightforward.

  9. philip says:

    After the beta testing comes what? Am eager to learn excel

    • don says:

      Then it will be opened to the public for everyone to use. But, beta testers get early access and more input on any changes that should be made.

  10. Johan Taljaard says:

    Hi Don. I like your stuff a lot. Excel is such a wonderful program not only as a help but also very en enjoyable. I don’t always have the time so I hope it is not too demanding. 🙂

    • don says:

      Not a worry, I’m glad to have you join and use the forum when you need it. I think it can become a very helpful community and I want to make it the best for everyone! 🙂

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