Excel VBA Course - Beginner to Expert (in 1 Week)

200+ Video Lessons

200+ Video Lessons

50+ Hours of Instruction

50+ Hours of Instruction

200+ Excel Guides

200+ Excel Guides

The most comprehensive Excel VBA Course on the market!

NO VBA experience required to take this course!

Lifetime Access - Pay Once - Keep Forever

Lifetime Access - Pay Once - Keep Forever

 $495 >>> $99 (usd)

 $495 >>> $99 (usd)

 $495 (usd)

          (80% Discount!)

(80% Discount!)

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Here's Everything You Get

Full VBA Course

200+ Tutorials - 14 Core Sections - 14 Assignments - 40+ Feature Tutorials - 3 Real-World Projects

Unlimited Access

Pay once!

Keep forever!

Watch whenever!

Premium Email Support

Got questons? No problem, you get direct email access to the creator of the course, Don.

Excel Guides

Fully commented Excel Reference  Guides come with every tutorial so that you can open the file and know exactly what is happening and why.

Excel Code Templates

Jump-start every project with over 40 pre-made code templates that you can copy/paste into any project - they include Importing, Exporting, Emailing, Selecing Files and much more!

Working Projects

Real-world projects, fully customizable and ready for you to use. (Billing/Invoice System, Task Manager System & The Data Analysis System - Import/Analyze/Export/Email)


How has this course helped you? Saved me a fortune in time and paying someone to carry out the work for me.

What was your favorite part of the course? I enjoyed the whole course as you can choose which parts to learn as you need them.

Would you recommend this course to a friend? Absolutely

Excellent, easy to follow course. Money and more importantly TIME saver.

Great value for money.

Mark B.Mark B.Managing Director

TeachExcel is the best, most thorough explanation of how to create macros utilizing the Visual Basic language.

Customer service is great as well. I got hung up a few times trying to tailor the course material to my specific needs and they were quick to respond to my questions and even looked at my source code and told me where I was messing up.

The best teacher and overall experience I have ever had in a coding class.

Garry L Mullins JrGarry L Mullins JrHealth, Safety, & Environmental Trainer

I can honestly say it is the best VBA course I have ever seen or experienced and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who desires to master excel VBA.

Yunus BhulaYunus BhulaAccountant

I'm actually a Master JOAT (Jack Of All Trades). I wear many hats on this job because my supervisor knows that if he asks me to do something then I will figure out how to do it and do it well.

My current task is a skill set database of all our employees. I built that in Excel, but now I'm creating macros and user forms to assist in searching information from the database and inputting new information into the database.

 Keith B. Keith B.Safety Manager, Service Industry

Advanced Course Design

  • 200+ Video Tutorials
  • 14 Core Lesson Sections
  • 14 Core Assignments (Build an Invoice/Billing System
  • 40+ Excel VBA Feature Tutorials
  • 3 Real World Projects

SALE Price: $495 $99

Price: $495

80% Discount!

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Questions? Ask Us!

Course Delivery

  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • Self-Paced Video Tutorials
  • Watch on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop
  • Re-watch, Fast-forward, Rewind the Videos
  • Excel Reference Files for Every Tutorial & Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VBA/Macro experience required to take the course?

No VBA or Macro experience is required to take this course.

How long can I access this course?

Forever! You pay once and you get lifetime access to the course.

What version of Excel does this work for?

Excel 2007 and newer versions. This course focuses almost entirely on code that works across all versions of Excel from 2007 and newer. However, some tutorials will use newer features from Excel 2010/2013, but that is rare.

How long will it take to finish the course?

That's up to you - you can finish it in a week or take your time and finish it in a month, or, if you are in a real hurry, finish it in just a few days. The course runs over 50 hours and has over 200 downloadable files, but you take the course as slow or as fast as you want.

What if I have questions?

Once you purchase the course, you will receive premium email support.

Course List

ALL tutorials come with a downloadable Excel File/Guide

(Except the Preview and How to Use the Course videos.)


First Steps

Working with Cells and Ranges

Assignment 1 - Ranges

Practical Tasks - Ranges

Get & Input Data into the Worksheet

Assignment 2 - Get & Input Data

Working with Worksheets

Assignment 3 - Worksheets

Add Logic and Control to Macros

Assignment 4 - Logic & Control

Variables Introduction

Assignment 5 - Variables Introduction

Popup Windows & User Input

Assignment 6 - Popup Windows & Input

Practical Tasks - Searching, Worksheet Functions & More

Working with Workbooks

Assignment 7 - Workbooks


Assignment 8 - Loops

Practical Tasks - Tables & Shapes (The Ultimate Guide)

Project: The Task Manager

Practical Tasks - User Input Applications & File Selections

Variables - Unlocking Their Power

Assignment 9 - Variables

Practical Tasks - Debugging Your Macros & VBA

Arrays in VBA - The Power Variable

Assignment 10 - Arrays

Error Handling

Assignment 11 - Error Handling

Automating Macros

Assignment 12 - Automation

Advanced Macro Control & Custom Functions

Assignment 13 - Advanced Macro Control

Practical Tasks - Pivot Tables, Filtering & Sorting

Security in VBA & Excel

Assignment 14 - Security

Practical Tasks - Import, Export & Email Ultimate Guide

Project: Bringing It All Together - Data Import, Visualization, and Export

(Bonus) UserForms - Build a Fully Featured Form for Easy Data Entry

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Price: $495 $99

Price: $495

80% Discount!

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