Excel VBA Course (Beginner to Expert) Overview & Release Date

Release Date and Early Bird Discount

Release Date: January 11, 2022

Discount: 33% discount purchase price for the first 2 weeks after the course is released.

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Course Description

Full Excel VBA Course that will take you from a complete beginner in VBA/Macros in Excel and bring you up to an expert level where you can take a series of business requirements and seamlessly turn them into a finished VBA project in Excel.

How the Course is Given

Instructor-led video tutorials combined with reference-style fully commented downloadable Excel files that you can use alone or in conjunction with the videos to learn how to program for Excel.

Course Structure

  • Core Sections (14)
    • Essential programming related topics, things like:
      • Variables, loops, ranges, worksheets, adding logic and IF statements to your code and many other topics that will form the foundation of more complex topics in the course.
  • Assignments (14)
    • 14 Assignments
    • These come after the core sections and show you how to do something useful with the new things that you are learning.
    • These sections build on each other in order to create a Billing and Invoice system.
      • Every assignment adds a new feature or code improvement to this project and shows you how the new things that you have learned can be used in a real-world example.
    • The assignments are woven throughout the entire course and start after the very first core section.
  • Practical Sections (7)
    • These sections come with ready-to-use code that you can easily copy & paste into any project that you are making so that you don’t have to start from scratch.
    • Show you how to do specific useful things using VBA, such as:
      • Searching a Workbook
      • Validating User Input with VBA
      • Using Worksheet Functions in VBA
      • Selecting Files
      • Working with Tables and Shapes
      • Everything to Know about PivotTables
      • Filtering & Sorting
      • Importing & Exporting Data
      • Sending Custom Automated Emails
      • And much more.
  • Projects (3)
    • The projects take you through the entire process of making a custom VBA project, from planning the project, to designing It, to planning the way to code it, to coding it from scratch.
    • The projects put to use the skills that you learn in the Core sections and the Practical sections and add in the element of planning and structuring the process to make better projects that are easier to build, maintain, and update in the future, something that is very important, but often overlooked.
    • Projects:
      • Task Manager Project: Store, Input & Manage Tasks in a Nice Visual Way
      • Billing and Invoicing Project: Easy Invoice/Bill Input, Storage and Export
        • Created throughout the course in the assignments, with each assignment adding a new feature or code improvement.
      • Data Analysis Project: Data Import, Visualization and Export
        • The Final Project!
        • This incorporates almost every single thing in the course and shows you how to make a large, complex and powerful project in VBA.
        • Once you finish this project, you will be ready for anything!
      • Bonus Project: UserForms
        • Build a versatile and robust UserForm and, through this process, learn how to make complex UserForms that work for many different situations.


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30 Responses

  1. Thomas Rogers says:

    I have just one question at this stage. What will the course cost? I am a contract MCT for a training provider. If we do not get many students, I don’t have work or an income. As I do not get a big income every month, I need to know if I will be able to afford the course. If the price is too high, even after applying the discount, I might not be able to enroll, as the South African Rand is not extraordinarily strong against the US$. Now it is trading at about R15.00 to $1. So, a price of $80 will cost me R1268, about 8% to 10% of my income. .

  2. Pramod says:


    • don says:

      The course is made for a complete beginner in Excel VBA – you do not need to have any VBA/Macros knowledge in order to take this course.

  3. Paul says:

    Hi Don,

    Can you clarify what the time commitment is for the course? Is everything delivered at once and you progress at your own pace? I ask because from Jan -Mar my job is very busy.


    • don says:

      Paul, this course is delivered all at once and you move at your own pace. It is video tutorials that you can watch whenever you like; you can skip some tutorials, come back to them later, or bounce all around the course to view the topics that interest you most. The course has more than 40 hours of content, but there are many tutorials that are optional and you wouldn’t need to watch all of them, like when I provide you 5 powerful ways to import files into Excel and explain each method, you could stop after you find one that works great for you; in this regard, you have a lot of flexibility for how you progress through the course.

  4. Bill Palmer says:

    Don, what is the price of the course?

  5. Ihab Mankarious says:

    How much is the course?

  6. Hank Grimes says:

    FINALLY, a PBL (Project-Based-Learning) course in Excel! I’ve been studying and practicing Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook since 2016, and I’ve found myself “piecing together” my knowledge to best serve my personal purposes. I am an English teacher and language program administrator, but most courses are highly business focused, which makes it somewhat difficult to immediately apply the skills I’ve acquired. THANK YOU for taking the time to create a course that explicitly promises that it will end with projects that are customizable and, it is hoped, easily tweaked to fit my needs and area of expertise – language learning and teaching. I look forward to enrolling!

    • don says:

      You are very very welcome!!!

      I think that you will benefit a lot from this course and can really apply what you will learn to a wide array of topics. I think that you will especially love the Assignments that show you how to put to work what you are learning after every Core section. And, the way that the projects are made allows you to fully customize them or you can use your new skills to make your own projects from scratch.

      See you in January! 🙂

  7. Jay says:

    Hi Don,

    Does the course show how to import data like from SAP, then create a Statement of Account, attach this to an email and send to recipients?

    • don says:

      Hi Jay, it shows you how to do all of that except for the SAP specific import code. In the course, I cover how to import data from text, csv, and other Excel files. For creating different types of reports, I cover all of the programming needed to create reports and customize them and update them, but I do not cover specifically how to make a Statement of Account – if you already know how to make that by hand, this course you will give the skills to make it in using VBA/Macros. For emailing and exporting, these topics are thoroughly covered in the course.

      Let me know if you have any additional questions!

  8. Armando Dias says:


    Happy New Yr to you & your family.
    I hope the COVID 19 or OMICRON did NOT cause any more problems worldwide.

    I am in MACAU, SAR now and almost all classes, like Excel, Word, Gmail, WeChat, Instagram, etc. etc are all conducted in person (good) but in Chinese (bad) as I don’t read nor write chinese.

    If the price for this class is reasonable & affordable, I look forward to enrolling, but you are not sure about the price yet.

    What version of Excel do I need in order to follow the class videos?

    I never took your classes before. I understand they are self paced.

    How much time do we have to access the videos (1 yr after enrollment; 1/2 yr? or 3 months?)

    I never used Blog post. How or what do I need to have installed in my machine in order to use this feature? Can I contact you via email if I have any questions on the assignments?

    is each topic or video broadcasted live and if so, will we know the time when you do such broadcast?

    Sorry for so many questions!

    Thank you Don

    • don says:

      Hi Armando and thank you for your kind wishes! It was a nice New Year with my family! I hope that you also had a very nice New Year!

      I will answer your questions here:

      – The price will be in line with the other courses that I have on the website – they will be nowhere near $1,000 but certainly more than $100. To put it into perspective, the largest course that I currently have has 45 tutorials and costs $75 and this VBA course has over 200 tutorials.

      – You should have at least Excel 2010/2013 or later to get the most out of the course. But, if you have Excel 2007, you could still take almost the entire course without issue, except for some specifics related to PivotTables and a few other highly visual elements.

      – The classes are self-paced – you can watch the videos whenever you want and in whichever order you want, though its a good idea to watch the videos in order since they do build on each other.

      – Its lifetime access for the course once you purchase it.

      – This blog here is made only to convey additional information and provide an easy way for you to ask questions and see the answers to other questions. The course itself will not be in this blog and has nothing to do with the blog. The courses are all accessed from here: https://www.teachexcel.com/premium-courses/ and when this course goes on sale next week, it will also be listed there. The orange button that says “Excel Courses” on TeachExcel.com takes you to the course list.

      – There is a Contact link in the top menu on TeachExcel.com and you can contact me by sending a message from there. Once you purchase the course, you can also ask questions through there.

      – The videos have already been recorded – there are over 200 tutorials with videos and downloadable Excel resource files. You can watch them whenever you like.

      You are very welcome! If you have any other questions, let me know 🙂


  9. Richard says:

    Hi Don,
    I know a bit about VBE but not enough yet to do what I would like to do.
    I take care of a football pool for 24 participants. Every week I have to email them a score reports based on the teams they picked at the begining of the season. I presently do this in a Excel spreadsheet which requires a lot of handling every week. Will this course give me all the tools to automate my pool reports.

    • don says:

      Hi Richard, I feel quite confident that this course would give you the knowledge and skills you need to manage this project. Your specific project isn’t built in the course, but many of the pieces of it will be, including emailing auto-generated reports to lists of people (a big focus of the final project).

      As well, when the course goes on sale next week, you will be able to look over the tutorials and projects in it before you buy it and ask me any questions you have on it.


  10. Harshada says:

    Fee for course in INR please. Checked the link you mentioned already but not getting clear idea. Please help.

    • don says:

      The pricing info will be available next week when the course goes live. You can pay with a credit card on our website; I don’t know what the price will be in INR but you should still be able to make the payment on our site.

  11. Richard says:

    Hi Don,
    Will we be notified by email for the price of the course next week.

    • don says:

      Yes, I will send an email with all of the info on Tuesday when the course is released. I will send the email mid-day US Central time, but the course will probably be on sale a little earlier.

  12. Sergiu says:

    Hi Don,
    Does the course cover how to automatically adjust row height of merged cells depending on the string length and font ty pe/size?

    • don says:

      Hi Sergiu, that very specific thing is not directly covered, but I do cover how to size elements within the worksheet and autofit columns and things similar to that. However, if that specific thing is all that you need, then I would not recommend a full VBA course like mine, you would be better served just asking for help with that in the forum.

  13. Shueyb Amin says:

    Hi Don,

    Thank for making this course! I cannot wait to get started. I just have a question about the content of the course, in particular the email side. Will you be covering how to send a range of cells formatted in the email body? Also what about looping through a pivot table filter and and emailing this off to separate recipients?

    • don says:

      Hi Shueyb! You are very welcome!

      For the email, I show you how to send HTML emails and those can be used to represent a table of data/cells, but I do not specifically cover how to embed an Excel range within the body of an email, only how to attach a Workbook/Worksheet to an email.

      For the PivotTable, I show you how to Filter and manipulate these guys quite a lot and looping through them, and parts of them, is probably one of the easier things that we do in the course related to them – you should be well covered on this topic.

      And the course does include looping through lists and emailing separate recipients different data sets and reports.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Shueyb Amin says:

        Thank you for the fast reply! I have just purchased the course and am looking forward to learning! Of course I will send over a question!

        • don says:

          I’m really glad to hear it Shueyb! If you have any questions while taking the course, you can also use the Contact link at the top of the page on teachexcel.com to reach me. Enjoy the course!!!

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