New Feature: Submit and Edit Tutorials

Don here,

I’m going to tell you about two new features that I’m adding to TeachExcel.

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on these features and would like to hear your thoughts about them so I can incorporate that into everything.


Submitting New Tutorials

You will soon be able to submit a new tutorial on any Excel related topic.

I can’t think of everything and I certainly don’t know everything and this will allow you, the community, to help build the Excel knowledge-base and make it much more useful than it already is.

Main points:

  • All registered users with a UserName will be allowed to submit a tutorial and also a downloadable Excel file along with their example.
    • I’m not sure yet if Macro enabled file uploads will be allowed for regular users.
  • Once you submit a tutorial, it will be reviewed to go on the site.
  • You will get credit for all content that you create by having your UserName listed on the tutorial as the author.
    • Eventually, I will have a profile page so it will be easy to view all tutorials from a specific author.
  • When creating a tutorial, there will be a template provided for you so that you can easily submit content in a format similar to the newer tutorials on this site, which includes having a navigation legend at the top of the tutorial.
  • You will also be able to submit macros!
    • I want to increase the repository of free macros on TeachExcel and make it much more useful.

Note: you will not be allowed to submit an advertisement disguised as a tutorial.


Editing Tutorials

Some of the tutorials on TeachExcel are old; some are outdated; and, some are simply not as good as they should be; I want to give you the power to help out when you notice an issue.

Main Points:

  • You will be able to edit just about every tutorial and every macro on the site!
  • You can make a small edit, spelling error or spacing, or make bigger edits, such as adding a new section to a tutorial.
  • Once your edit is approved, you will be listed as an editor for that item.
  • All edits must be approved and you must be a registered user with a UserName in order to submit an edit.


Gimme Some Feedback! 🙂

I’m just about finished setting up the above features and I welcome your input!

I’m building these features to make this website more useful and better for you and everyone else and I can’t do it alone.

Make sure to leave me any questions, comments, or thoughts in the comment section below and I will respond to them there.


Have a great day!


2 Responses

  1. Stewart Starr says:

    This would be good, I was just looking at your recent post about on tracing dependents and thinking that you could add clicking on the arrows to highlight the cell or go to another worksheet for linked details.

    • don says:

      I think the site can be much better if the community can control it a bit more and add to it and I definitely welcome the insight and additional info! 🙂

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