Early Forum Access Starts Today!

Finally, the forum is ready to be opened up to you beta testers! 🙂

Almost 300 of you signed up for early access to the forum and created an account.

As a beta tester, you don’t have to do anything other than ask/answer questions about Excel and maybe put up with a few bugs here and there.


  • Don’t post “test” questions or answers; ask real questions and give real answers.
  • Once you get answers to your question, select the best one by clicking the Select button under it. This is a very important feature of the forum and what you do now sets an example for those who will come after you.
  • Stay on topic – only ask questions about Excel. (the forum may expand later but, for now, it’s only for Excel)
  • If you have questions, comments, or thoughts about the forum, how to use it, or anything not Excel specific, please post that in a comment on this post or in the Members Discussion Forum.
    • If you post an Excel question in the Members Discussion forum, a Goblin will probably eat you or ban you for being annoying.

Access the Forum

To access the Excel Forum, login to your account on teachexcel.com and click the Forum link in the top navigation menu.

Here is a link to the Excel Forum

The Excel Forum will ONLY be accessible to you if you signed up for a beta testing account AND you have an account on teachexcel.com. If you failed to do one of those things, you will have to wait until the forum is open to the general public in order to access it.


There is a rather detailed Help Page that should answer most questions you might have about the forum.

However, you can also post here on this post or in the Members Discussion Forum if you have any issues.


All feedback is welcome, this forum is for you, so help me make it the best it can be for you!

I’m really excited to open this up to you guys and I look forward to seeing you in the forum! 🙂


(Oh and sorry for being late Australia, but you guys are something like 15 hours ahead of me right now… :P)

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