Site Update and Forum Progress #4

Hi everyone, Don here!

Things are progressing well with the forum and I should have a private beta version of it up in two or three weeks time.

The search and tagging features are moving along smoothly.

I plan to add a feature where you can save search settings and tag groupings so you can have a list of only the kinds of posts that you want to see in the forum.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I have plans to add a search feature for the entire site after the forum has been completed. There has been a lot of demand for this as the number of tutorials have grown and the tools are now in place to make this happen.

I’m very excited by the prospect of making a useful and helpful forum that you guys actually like to use and also on improving the rest of the site.

There is sooo much more that I want to build and I plan on keeping you in the loop through the entire process so you can give me your input and help shape the site so it works better for you.

Also, I’m thinking that there should be a reputation system on the site and the more reputation you have, maybe you get access to more features or it just shows next to your name. As always, tell me your thoughts! 🙂

Have a great week!


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  1. Chad Estes says:

    I like the idea of reputation being displayed next to your name as it gives others an idea of how much salt they need to take with your response, but I don’t like having to have so much reputation to do X. If we wanted that I think we’d go to StackExchange. Best of luck, look forward to seeing the forum once it is up and running.

    • don says:

      I agree in most cases except for allowing voting on questions/answers and putting clickable links in questions/answers. For those two things, especially the voting, I think there needs to be some sort of threshold so someone can’t just keep setting up accounts and casting votes on their posts to make them rank higher in search etc.

  2. Tony says:

    Thank you Don for sharing your knowledge as I currently know absolutely nothing about excel, but I’m looking forward to learning about it.

  3. Tania Walton says:

    Hi Don

    Great work 🙂 Sounds like it will be a great asset to the Excel community.

    Reputation: Chad said it well, you risk people not wanting to contribute if they have hoops to jump through before that can happen.

    • don says:

      Thanks! And I agree except for voting and links, as mentioned in my reply above. I think there needs to be a participation threshold for those privileges to reduce spam.

  4. Tony S says:

    Hi Don, thank you for your time in these discussions. I am fairly intermediate with excel – conversations spark innovation.

  5. Suresh babu says:

    Hi don, help me to learn excel and VB macro please send me the documents, and I will try learning myself and macro from basic how to start and what are the function how to use….thanks its very useful, please forward to my mail I’d. Thanks very much

  6. Thomas F says:

    Don, i am so sorry. i think i got lost for few months or weeks..What’s going on right away? hope i am on the right track.

    • don says:

      This is the blog, not the Q&A forum. I am working on the Q&A forum and it should be up soon and you can ask all your questions there.

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