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Hi there, it’s Don!

This week, let’s talk about the future plans for TeachExcel.

I want to put together a collection of free, professional, and useful Excel content that replaces the need for expensive books and training.

Over the past two years, I added a custom-built forum to better serve the community and, just recently, finished work on allowing everyone to submit content to the website.

With your help, I know that we can build the best online free training resource!

First Step

The first step is to figure out where to start.

Last week, I asked for suggestions on what people wanted to learn and, for the most post, the responses revolved around Macros and VBA.

In response, I created two things:

  1. A new course outline for UserForms in Excel.
  2. A method by which everyone can help create content for this new course – the “Requested Tutorials” feature.

Requested Tutorials

This is a new feature whereby everyone can see which tutorials have been requested and are waiting to be created. This feature will be displayed prominently on the home page of the site for everyone to see.

The goal is to get you, the community, more involved so that we can create better content, faster, for everyone.

As usual, I will still be making tutorials, but I know the content will be much better with your help and involvement.

UserForm Course

I uploaded the UserForm Course Outline into the Requested Tutorials feature and made a blog post where you can view the full outline and comment on the course.

I urge you to view the outline and see if there is anything that you can contribute to it.

To help out and create a tutorial for the course, go to the home page, look at the Requested Tutorials section, and click the Make This Tutorial link next to the desired tutorial.


I’m tired of people charging for knowledge that we can put together and give to the world for free.

Help me create a place of free and open learning for everyone!

(As always, please leave any commentary, questions, or thoughts in the comment section below.)


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